Calendar for today - March 4th, 2024

  • Sunrise 6:22 AM
  • Sunset 5:41 PM

  • Moonrise 2:22 AM
  • Moonset 10:51 AM


Day of the year: 64, Week of the year: 10

Proverb of the day

"Gluttony kills more than the sword" - English proverb

Quote of the Day

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."- Confucius

Today's religious holidays

{rok} Daylight Saving Time Starts - second Sunday of March Clocks Spring Forward

Two days before Easter many Americans commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The observance is known as the Good Friday and is a part of the Holy Week. The date of the holiday varies in different years on both calendars – Gregorian and Julian, and it depends on the full moon. This is why Easter,...

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Cesar Chavez Day is a relatively new holiday. It was implemented by President Barack Obama, who had already, as a senator, in 2008 called Cesar Chavez an “American icon”. Although one city in Nevada has celebrated Cesar Chavez Day since 2003, it became a national holiday thanks to Barack Obama in 2014....

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Similarly to Memorial Day, a holiday known as Confederate Memorial Day aims at commemorating Americans who died during their service for U.S. Armed Forces. This observance, however, is focused on honoring those soldiers, sailors and marines of the Confederate States of America who died during the Civil...

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We all meet them in our everyday life – at work, in offices, in different companies. Although we might not always appreciate their importance, they do have their own holiday – we are talking about secretaries. In the United States and Canada, Wednesday of the last full week of April is observed as National...

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