Calendar for today - January 23rd, 2021

  • Sunrise 7:13 AM
  • Sunset 4:51 PM

  • Moonset 2:43 AM
  • Moonrise 12:37 PM


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Day of the year: 23, Week of the year: 3

Today's holidays and observances

Handwriting Day

American and Canadian people have some common interesting tradition – they believe that the arrival of spring can be predicted by a groundhog. For this reason, on 2 February every year the Groundhog Day can be observed in the United States and Canada.

The observance has its roots in Pennsylvania,...

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There are many important holidays in the United States. One of them, however, is the most significant day for sports enthusiasts, even though it is not an official holiday. It is known as Super Bowl Sunday – an extremely important American sports event.

Super Sunday is usually the first Sunday of...

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Valentine’s Day is a very popular holiday not only in the United States, but also in many other countries. This special day of love is celebrated every year on February 14.

The name comes from the 3rd century Roman saint – Saint Valentine who is considered to be the patron of those who are in love....

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Presidents’ Day / Washington’s Birthday

There is one holiday in the United States with more than one name. Officially the day is called Washington’s Birthday, but it is also widely recognized as Presidents’ Day. Although this federal holiday is connected with the first president of the United States...

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Cesar Chavez Day is a relatively new holiday. It was implemented by President Barack Obama, who had already, as a senator, in 2008 called Cesar Chavez an “American icon”. Although one city in Nevada has celebrated Cesar Chavez Day since 2003, it became a national holiday thanks to Barack Obama in 2014....

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