Calendar for today - June 15th, 2024

  • Sunrise 5:18 AM
  • Sunset 8:23 PM

  • Moonset 1:31 AM
  • Moonrise 2:16 PM

Day of the year: 167, Week of the year: 24

Quote of the Day

"Age is just a number. It's totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine."- Joan Collins

As it is in many other countries, the United States also celebrate Father’s Day. It is quite a new holiday – established in the beginning of the 20th century in order to complement Mother’s Day.

Year 1910 was a prominent time for parent holidays. After Anna Jarvis established first Mother’s Day, Sonora...

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What is Juneteenth and why is it important?

Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating a very important moment in the history of the United States – the announcement of the emancipation of slaves. In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation that charged all enslaved people in the Confederate...

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One of the biggest and the most important holidays in the United States is Independence Day, also called the Fourth of July (so it is not difficult to guess the date). It is a federal and public holiday, which means that all schools, federal institutions and most of businesses are closed.


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In the United States, the fourth Sunday of July is Parents’ Day – a non-public holiday honoring all parents and their role in raising new generations. It can be considered as quite a “fresh” holiday, because it is observed since 1994, when it was established by President Bill Clinton. The aim of creating...

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In the United States there are many holidays honoring soldiers, important historical figures or different family members. The Americans, however, do not forget about the people who are in every American city, and are an important part of the history of the USA – senior citizens.

First attempts of...

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