Cat Day 2024

Until Cat Day are 103 days, ie 3 months and 11 days.

In 2024 Cat Day is on October 29th (tuesday).

Cats or dogs? An eternal dilemma of pet lovers – some of them prefer dogs, others love cats, and some even worship them as if they lived in ancient Egypt. Yes, the Egyptians literally did worship cats, and more specifically the Bastet goddess depicted as a cat-headed woman. This shows how long-time humane love for cats is. Nowadays we show it in a different way than the Egyptians, and a good opportunity to prove that is National Cat Day.

October 29th is an essential date for each cat-lover in the United States. National Cat Day was founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige – a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Author, Artist and Animal Welfare Advocate. She has also founded many other animal-related holidays (such as National Dog Day, National Pet Day or National Wildlife Day), but cats seem to have a special place in her heart. Not only has she lived with many domestic cats in her life, but also worked with wild cats in behavioral rehabilitation. She also strongly believes in what is the essence of National Cat Day – that adoption is the ‘purrrfect’ way to give a loving and warm home to every cat in the world. Shelters are literally full of cats waiting for their home, so buying a cat in a shop or a breeding does not help to solve the problem.

How can you observe National Cat Day? Just as mentioned above, the best way to do that is to adopt a furry friend for yourself. This should not, however, be a spontaneous decision. Before you go to a shelter and your heart melts seeing all those beautiful kittens, consider some important issues. Ask yourself: Do I have enough time in my life to give it to a kitten full of energy? Does my home make a perfect, peaceful place for an older cat? Do members of my family want a cat too? Are they allergic? Am I ready to visit the vet as often as necessary and spend enough money on it? The answers will show if you are ready to become a responsible cat owner. If you are not, there are other ways to celebrate Cat Day! Make a donation for your local shelter or bring them something that local cats need – some food, toys or hygienic products. If you already have a cat, do not be afraid to spoil it a bit more on that day! Give it lots of cuddles (but only if the cat wants it – do not forget, the cat is the ruler in the house), buy a new toy or a favorite snack. Remember that cats also have many positive features – they lower blood pressure and offer you their unconditional love, warmth in winter days and tons of laughs.

Did you know?

National Cat Day is celebrated in the United States on October 29, but it is also observed on other dates around the world. International Cat Day is a holiday taking place on August 8 every year in many countries, e.g. in Canada. Russia, on the other hand, celebrates the National Cat Day on March 1. Another interesting observance connected with cats is the Black Cat Day – a holiday aiming at overcoming the stereotype of a black cat bringing bad luck.