Bike To Work Day 2024

Bike To Work Day was yesterday

In 2024 Bike To Work Day was on May 17th (friday).

Another morning, another traffic jam? If you already have enough of it, maybe it is the best time to think of a healthy alternative to get to work every morning. Bike to Work Day is a good opportunity to begin!

What is Bike to Work Day? It is an annual observance started by the League of American Bicyclists in 1956. Even though this is only one day – the third Friday of May - it is focused on promoting the health benefits of regular cycling to work. What are these benefits? Firstly – our health. Biking to work means that we need to get up a little earlier, so we have more time to wake up properly and plan the day. Physical exercise always makes us feel better and happier, so we have better attitude to work and all the challenges of the day. We are also getting physically healthier – improve our condition, lose weight and become more aware of our diet and body shape. Secondly, cycling to work helps us save money. Fuel is getting more and more expensive these days, and so are public transport tickets. Bike is just a one-time cost giving us both health and cost savings. Last but not least, when you bike to work, you save the planet. Literally. Every car on the street releases tons of CO2. A bike is much healthier for the environment and each action taken to save it is worth every effort.

Although the idea came up in the United States, today Bike to Work Day is observed in many areas of the world, such as Canada, Europe and Asia. Every year on the third Friday of May people around the world are encouraged to discover the benefits of bicycle commuting. It is also worth mentioning that the event falls in the middle of National Bike Month, as well as Bike to Work Week. This means that the idea is not only limited to one day of the year – it should be rather a motivator to start a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Of course, that does not mean that you need to bike to work even in the snowstorm, but Bike to Work Day can show us that cycling can be very rewarding and encouraging.

Is it a good idea to participate in the event? Just give it a try and find out this year! Thousands of people around the world have already changed their attitude and lifestyle because of bicycle commuting. Only in the United States between 2000 and 2011 the number of bicycle commuters grew by more than 47 %! Every year more and more events are held on Bike to Work Day and another companies join the observance by giving the participants free breakfast or coffee on their way to work. If you can do something good for your health and concurrently something good for the planet, why not give it a try?

Did you know?

In some areas of the United States, Bike to Work Day is a major event. A good example can be San Francisco Bay Area, which is the home to many sports teams and organizations. There are over 320 kilometers of bicycle paths and bike routes, so it is the perfect place to observe Bike to Work Day. Thousands of people decide to do that every year in that particular place.