Bubble Gum Day 2025

Until Bubble Gum Day are 265 days, ie 8 months and 20 days.

In 2025 Bubble Gum Day is on February 7th (friday).

Both children and adults love chewing gums. Not only do they give us dental care and lower cortisol levels, but also are a form of relax that gives enjoyment. If you are one of bubble gum lovers, you should know that there is a Bubble Gum Day observed every year. What is more, it is not only a day for fun, but it aims at raising money for charities. How?

The idea was given by Ruth Spiro – a writer, children’s book author, but also a fan of a bubble gum and a mother. As a person who understands child’s thinking, she knew that all kids love colorful, tasty bubble gums and have great fun making the biggest bubbles. Although chewing gum is usually forbidden at school, there is one day kids are allowed to do that – Bubble Gum Day!

How does it work? The idea is very simple. Every first Friday of February since 2006 children in the United States have the opportunity to donate 50 cents in exchange for the ability to chew a bubble gum in class – which is usually forbidden. The money raised at schools on that day goes to any charity chosen by the school. It is a mutual benefit – money is raised for a good cause and children learn about the value of charity while having fun. A great example of a win-win situation! What is more, not only schools can participate. Many libraries, community centers, children’s museums or even businesses and senior centers join them in celebrating Bubble Gum Day. Even NASA observed the day in 2011! After all, not only children love bubble gums, right?

The money raised during Bubble Gum Day has been used for some amazing goals, which shows how great this initiative is. It was for example used to send snacks to soldiers stationed in Iraq, to buy animals through Heifer International or to buy books for Reading is Fundamental. The observance started by Ruth Spiro is the best proof that chewing a bubble gum can do something good for the world!

How can you join the observance? At first, make sure that on the first Friday of February you and your children have at least 50 cents to donate and enough of bubble gums in your pockets. Choose your favorite flavor or make a taste test to find out which one would that be. If we can give you a small prompt – kids usually love strawberry ones. Secondly, teach your child about charity and explain how important it is to raise money for a good cause. If you do not have children, but you work with kids, try to encourage them to take part in the event, for example by holding a bubble-blowing contest. You can also do that at work – why not?

Did you know?

People have tried for decades to create a perfect bubble gum. In 1906 Frank Fleer invented a bubble gum that was too sticky. It was called Blibber Blubber. 22 years later, however, the employee of the Fleer Corporation created the first marketable version of bubble gum called Dubble Bubble and it is still one of the most popular bubble gums in the US. In 2004 the largest bubble gum bubble was blown in Alabama – it was 50.8 centimeters (20 inches) in diameter!