Cesar Chavez Day 2024

Cesar Chavez Day was 16 days ago.

In 2024 Cesar Chavez Day was on March 31st (sunday).

Cesar Chavez Day is a relatively new holiday. It was implemented by President Barack Obama, who had already, as a senator, in 2008 called Cesar Chavez an “American icon”. Although one city in Nevada has celebrated Cesar Chavez Day since 2003, it became a national holiday thanks to Barack Obama in 2014. The date of the holiday is March 31, which is Cesar Chavez’s birthday.

Why was it so important for the former President of the United States to honor this person? Cesar Chavez was raised in a Mexican family that was moving between American cities many times. After a 2-year experience in the United States Navy, Chavez became an agricultural laborer. In San Jose he met Father Donald McDonell who encouraged Chavez to read books, including the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent protest. Cesar Chavez knew work conditions and the situation of farm workers, so together with his friend, Dolores Huerta, he established the National Farm Workers Association which was later called the United Farm Workers. They supported all workers fighting for their rights or higher wages, organized strikes or marches, or even encouraged all Americans to boycott buying fruits or vegetables from companies that didn’t treat their employees properly. To promote the principle of nonviolence Chavez was ready to fast for 25 days, but he also fasted on many other occasions. One of the most significant actions taken by his organization was a 110-mile march that started with just few hundred people, but finished with over 15,000.

Considering all of Chavez’s accomplishments, President Barack Obama appreciated his “legacy as an educator, environmentalist, and a civil rights leader”. Cesar Chavez Day is a public holiday in 10 states, where most schools, state offices and businesses are closed. The day is an occasion to remind the positive impact of Chavez’s actions, so many discussions are made concerning the issues connected with workers’ rights. Many parks or schools are named after Cesar Chavez, and children are taught about his achievements.

Did you know?

Cesar Chavez had eight children, but his family responsibilities never stopped him from fighting for farm workers’ rights. He spent many days travelling between different areas of the United States, at first working for the Community Service Organization, and later meeting workers willing to join his Farm Workers Association. At that time his family lived off an unemployment benefit and the wage of his wife working as a... farmworker.

Other years

Day of the weekDateName of holiday
MondayMar 31st, 2025Cesar Chavez Day 2025
TuesdayMar 31st, 2026Cesar Chavez Day 2026
WednesdayMar 31st, 2027Cesar Chavez Day 2027
FridayMar 31st, 2028Cesar Chavez Day 2028
SaturdayMar 31st, 2029Cesar Chavez Day 2029
SundayMar 31st, 2030Cesar Chavez Day 2030
MondayMar 31st, 2031Cesar Chavez Day 2031

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