International Customs Day 2025

Until International Customs Day are 216 days, ie 7 months and 2 days.

In 2025 International Customs Day is on January 26th (sunday).

Import and export have become really crucial branches of nearly every country’s economy. All the goods, however, that every day cross the border need to be controlled by the customs agency of the country of destination. Customs agencies are being represented by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that develops international standards and provides leadership to customs administrations around the globe. It has also instituted International Customs Day (ICD) and every year dedicates the holiday to another specific theme.

International Customs Day is observed around the world annually on January 26. The date commemorates the day of the inaugural session of the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC) held in Brussels in 1953. CCC was in 1994 renamed World Customs Organization. The WCO’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of customs administrations. International Customs Day is a great opportunity to think of different challenges that customs officers need to face every day and of their working conditions in different countries. The theme, which is different every year, guides the members of WCO in their activities and efforts throughout the year.

In 2020 the theme was: Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity and the Planet. It shows how important this is for customs agencies to meet the needs of planet Earth: economic, health, environmental and social. In fact, customs are responsible for managing nearly all of the world trade, so a lot depends on them, and we do not often appreciate their role. Earlier themes included issues such as SMART borders, data analysis, digital customs or coordinated border management.

How can each of us observe International Customs Day? It is good to at least think about why we should appreciate the work of customs officials and what challenges do they face in their work to keep our country safe. We can also learn a bit more about their work and about the mission of World Customs Organization. There are also public speeches, events or seminars held on January 26. It is also a great opportunity to show our appreciation in the social media with a hashtag #InternationalCustomsDay.

Did you know?

The World Customs Organization represents 183 customs organizations from all over the globe. This means that they are responsible for managing 98% of global trade, which must directly concern each of us too.