International Kissing Day 2024

International Kissing Day was 7 days ago.

In 2024 International Kissing Day was on July 6th (saturday).

International Kissing Day is celebrated several times a year. One of the days when we are supposed to kiss at will fall on July 6th. And it is worth celebrating International Kissing Day because kissing affects not only our psyche but also our health!

History of International Kissing Day

Nobody really knows when International Kissing Day was founded. However, it is believed that the practice comes from the UK and entered the calendar of holidays permanently in the early 21st century. But regardless of where it came from and who initiated it, the holiday is celebrated all over the world in many different countries, and its idea is to draw attention to the ability to express feelings, to build close relations not only with partners or children, but also with friends, family and good friends. By the way, there is a lot of talk about the impact of kisses on our mood and health: they relieve stress, raise happiness hormones, lower cholesterol levels and regulate the blood system. However, it is worth remembering not to kiss with anyone at International Kissing Day. Kisses must be sincere, then the idea of the feast will be preserved.

Did you know?

Guinness record holders in the longest kiss in the world kissed for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. During the kiss the couple from Thailand did not eat anything and stood still. But they are not the only record holders, because it turns out that the "longest” kiss in the world is 6000 years old! In the ruins of an ancient Persian city in today's Iran, two skeletons were found, arranged as if they were giving themselves a posthumous kiss. The man was probably killed by a head wound, but the cause of the woman's death remains unknown. They were buried together, without a coffin or other objects, only with a clay tablet placed under the woman's head. Ancient lovers were discovered in 1972 by archaeologists from Penn State University and Pennsylvania Museum.

Other years

Day of the weekDateName of holiday
WednesdayJul 6th, 2022International Kissing Day 2022
ThursdayJul 6th, 2023International Kissing Day 2023
SundayJul 6th, 2025International Kissing Day 2025
MondayJul 6th, 2026International Kissing Day 2026
TuesdayJul 6th, 2027International Kissing Day 2027
ThursdayJul 6th, 2028International Kissing Day 2028
FridayJul 6th, 2029International Kissing Day 2029

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