Kiss a Ginger Day 2025

Until Kiss a Ginger Day are 236 days, ie 7 months and 22 days.

In 2025 Kiss a Ginger Day is on January 12th (sunday).

Kiss a Ginger Day was launched in 2009 by a Canadian, Derek Forgie, one of the Facebook users in response to the Facebook campaign of November 2008 called „Kick A Ginger” – an unsavoury joke modelled on South Park Town (an American animated series for adults). The action „Kick a Ginger” caused numerous attacks on redheaded children at schools, thus causing international indignation and condemnation of such behaviour. In response, it was decided that January 12th will be the annual Kiss a Ginger Day, which is definitely a peaceful activity. In the following years, the annual holiday was celebrated in various parts of the world, often in the form of popular events described in the popular British press.

According to scientific research, red hair is found in the world in about 1-2% of the population. There are several theories that explain the origin of this hair color, but none of them have been supported by reliable research. In contrast, American scientists have proven that people with red hair are more sensitive to pain, need more anesthetics and are less resistant to high temperatures and electric shocks. It turns out that the red hair pigment is very durable and it is usually a little bit difficult to change hair color. The advantage is that in old age hair does not turn grey – first it turns sandy and then it becomes white.

The life of red-haired people, especially at school, is not easy, because there are stereotypes in everyday life for years. This rather disgraceful exceptionality often makes people's opinions about „redheaded” people extreme: from sneers and jokes to admiration. It is said that in ancient Egypt, red-haired people were considered unlucky and sometimes buried alive as a sacrifice to the god Osiris. Ancient Greeks believed that after death redheads became vampires. In the Middle Ages, freckles were burned at the stake, and today, in the age of the ubiquitous Internet, gold-haired people are often laughed at (this is probably where the infamous „Kick a Ginger” action came from). However, life shows that many red-haired people have achieved great success in life, and many internet portals from time to time announce rankings of beautiful and famous redheads.