No Bra Day 2024

Until No Bra Day are 144 days, ie 4 months and 22 days.

In 2024 No Bra Day is on October 13th (sunday).

No Bra Day in some countries around the world is celebrated every year on May 30th. In the United States, however, this holiday falls a few months later, namely October 13th, because in this country, October is the month of breast cancer awareness. The organizers across the ocean openly express their love for the female body and encourage all ladies to „free their breasts” for 24 hours on this day.

History of No Bra Day

Although it is not known exactly who invented No Bra Day, one thing is certain – for many people this is the most beautiful holiday of the year. According to some people, men are behind the idea of celebrating such an original day, according to others – feminists. Perhaps the idea came from a woman whose bra always gagged? The idea of the holiday has a longer history...

According to the world media, the first ideas to celebrate such a day have emerged in the United States. The fashion for abandoning bras appeared there already in the 1960s and 1970s. Behind the idea were feminists who called for a sexual revolution.

When was the first bra made?

The modern equivalent of a bra was invented by Caresse Crosby in 1910. The bras quickly became popular with women, mainly because of the dresscode established at work. Without a doubt, brassieres are now an unofficial requirement in any office work.

It is worth noting that some stars are not too fond of bras. They often like to emphasize their qualities, which they boast about in social media. Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez or Rihanna appeared without a bra. They are all very brave when it comes to exposing their bust.

Unusual celebrations are still coming. No one is surprised by International Kissing Day, International Hugging Day or World Mini Skirt Day. It is worth remembering about them, especially as they often accompany serious social campaigns. This is also the case on No Bray Day, when social organizations call for breast examination. Prevention of breast cancer is very important, early detection of the cancer is important. Tests should be conducted at least once a year. You can also have your breasts tested on an ongoing basis.

Did you know?

Interestingly, a bra is no longer just a female attribute. There are bras for men in Japan, which are very popular there. Products designed especially for the proportion of men's clientele are presented in a very wide assortment.