World Naked Gardening Day 2021

World Naked Gardening Day was 14 days ago.

In 2021 World Naked Gardening Day was on May 1st (saturday).

World Naked Gardening Day is a yearly event, observed on the first Saturday of May, involving the work in the garden completely naked. Its main goal is to create a positive image of the naked body in harmony with nature.

History of World Naked Gardening Day

In some countries in the world there is a negative attitude towards nudity, which makes the natural appearance of our body is clearly seen as shameful.

Celebrated every year World Naked Gardening Day is intended to help change that by combining the everyday activity which is gardening with the completely different natural thing that is nudity. There is nothing better than being outdoors and helping mother nature grow beautiful plants that will allow us to learn the most important things in life.

Although, on the whole, World Naked Gardening Day is not meant to be a public activity, but a holiday you celebrate in your garden, it is inevitable that soon people will start to organize events as part of this special day.
Some of these celebrate this feast in the home garden, others in the large neighborhood gardens. However you look at it, World Naked Gardening Day is a unique celebration that is bringing people closer and releasing us from being prisoners of cotton and polyester.

Did you know?

World Naked Gardening Day was founded in 2005 in the United States and is organized by Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel as a project of Body Freedom Collaborative.

Other years

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