World Pharmacists Day 2024

Until World Pharmacists Day are 75 days, ie 2 months and 13 days.

In 2024 World Pharmacists Day is on September 25th (wednesday).

September 25th is a special time for all pharmacists. It is International Pharmacists Day, during which pharmacists make their wishes and take part in regional meetings, scientific conferences and lectures.

History of International Pharmacists Day

International Pharmacists Day has been celebrated since 2010 at the initiative of the Turkish Pharmacist Association. The date of the celebration commemorates the establishment of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) on September 25th 1912. This day is an opportunity to draw attention to the pharmacist's profession - responsible, needed, without which there would be no comprehensive patient care. The profession of a pharmacist is not only a profession, but a lifestyle. Pharmacists are ambitious, empathic and helpful people. Patient's welfare is most important to them. It is worth remembering that International Pharmacists Day is a moment when we can share our experiences not only between a group of pharmacists, but also by opening up to those who have chosen a different career path after graduation.

Did you know?

The profession of a pharmacist has changed over the centuries. In the past, they also sold confectionery and dietary products, candles, cosmetics, soaps, perfumes and chemicals, as well as tobacco, wine and alcohol-based beverages. Today they are mainly limited to medicines. Their tasks also include the preparation, manufacture, analysis and storage of medicinal products and prescription drugs.