New Year's Day in France 2025

Until New Year's Day in France are 224 days, ie 7 months and 10 days.

In 2025 New Year's Day in France is on January 1st (wednesday).

Celebration of the New Year in Paris

New Years Day in France have it’s peculiarities. Let’s see, what France has in store for the visitor and the Frenchmen for this very day

What to do on New Year's Day in France?

One can go to one of the crowded restaurants. Some of the museums in Paris are open. From the night of December 31 to January 1, mass is held at the Notre Dame Cathedral. For people who want to see the main monuments of Paris without having to visit them, there are at least three options. One can go to the Eiffel tower. The second option is to ride the " Roue de Paris", meaning famous Ferris Wheel, which is located at Jardin des Touilerrieies. From the perspective of this great circle, there is an extraordinary panorama of the city. The second option to see more of the city without taking a longer trip, is to go on a cruise on the Seine, organized by the renowned company Bateaux-Mouches, which of course promises guests not only beautiful views but also good food.

Huge variety of French wishes

On December 31, at 8 p.m., the so-called "les voueux presidentials" (wishes of te president) are broadcasted on television. For most people in France, the president is the first person to make wishes, because traditionally, greetings are not exchanged until after midnight. At the stroke of midnight though, the French, regardless of gender and age, kiss under the mistletoe. They do it right then, and not like in other countries, for example in the USA, on the occasion of Christmas. Best wishes (meilleurs voeux) are exchanged under the mistletoe, and the kisses that accompany them were once meant to ward off evil spirits. People used to think it works like this: by placing a kiss on the cheek of the other person, the person was supposed to protect him from the influence of evil forces. It is a custom derived from the traditional pagan beliefs of the Celts, i.e. a tribe that once inhabited the territory of present-day France. It was once believed that kissing under the mistletoe (s'cebrasser sous le gui) should follow a certain key to guarantee happiness. And what exactly are the French New Year's wishes? Certainly, most often they do not deviate from the wishes mentioned by representatives of other nations. The French often say "Bonne Anne!" which means "Happy New Year!". The formula "Bonne anne, bonne sante!" is also popular. It means "happy New Year, be of good health." Generally speaking, these formulas repeat themselves quite often. This is due to the fact that the French give each other New Year's greetings all month long. It is very popular to use special cards, which are often sent out and given away to almost everyone possible. One can also wish "Joyeuse Anne", or a happy New Year, to yourself, as anyone who has tried to make New Year's resolutions (des bonnes resolutions) knows. This practice is also very popular in France.

New Year's food in France

The French have a variety of dishes for almost every occasion. It is no different with the New Year. On this occasion, it is customary to bake a heart-shaped cake. Special wafers with a vanilla aftertaste, known as "gaufre seche de nouvel ans" are also popular. As for other atables, oysters are of huge popularity for New Year's Eve. They are being sold in huge quantities during the New Year's Eve. January 1 is the time for the French to go to lunch and dinner, which must be booked in advance, because the interest in them is great.

Gifts for employees

January 1 in France is a day when it is nice to be a postman or a garbage collector. But why? It is then that people who practice these and similar jobs are presented with gifts. These are the so-called "les etrennes". The history of this custom begins in Savoie, where children receive money and sweets from family members when they come to visit and wish them a Happy New Year. These gifts, also in the form of small donations, were called "etrennes". Interestingly, the "etrennes" of adults are often obtained by means other than voluntary donations. How come?... Garbage collectors, firefighters, postmen, firefighters go door-to-door on January 1st trying to sell calendars that should be bought because of "les etrennes". Garbage collectors, firefighters, postmen, firefighters go door-to-door on January 1st trying to sell calendars that should be bought at least by some of the poeple because of "les etrennes".

The second New Year in France

Although the New Year falls on January 1, the French celebrate one more version of it. It is related to the end of the holiday period, which in France falls in September. During their holidays, the French wonder what they would do when they return home. They often make resolutions similar to the New Year's ones, plan life changes, start new investments and activities. Returning to normal life after the holiday season in August is called "rentree" and for many it is a real start to the New Year.

Other years

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