Positive Thinking Day 2024

Until Positive Thinking Day are 117 days, ie 3 months and 25 days.

In 2024 Positive Thinking Day is on September 13th (friday).

Life can be sometimes depressing, and we all know that. It is quite easy to start complaining, but much more difficult to find positive aspects of everyday life. If this describes you well, you should try celebrating an interesting holiday – Positive Thinking Day.

The holiday has been started in 2003. The date of the observance is September 13, but it does not mean that this is the only day of the year we should try thinking positive. However, this special day aims at reminding all of us that we have a lot to be thankful for in life, as well as helping us in setting all the negative thoughts aside. Even though it might seem unnecessary, celebrating the holiday may have a good impact on our health!

It has been proved that positive thinking reduces stress levels, lowers depression, helps dealing with difficult situations, and even reduces the risk of heart diseases. Indeed, optimism is worth the effort. So, what can you do to properly celebrate Positive Thinking Day?

It is very helpful to have positive people around you. Surrounding yourself with people that will always convince you that the glass is half full rather than half empty can make you believe it. Sometimes it is enough to change your attitude to something that used to be negative to you. Smile every morning to the person you see in the mirror. Try to laugh as much as possible. Laughter has a very positive impact on our mind, so watch comedy shows or funny movies on the Internet. Physical exercise can also be very helpful at positive thinking – dopamine and serotonin are being released then, and these hormones make us feel happy.

September 13 is also a perfect day to make a conscious decision to start treating yourself better. This means that you should stop criticizing yourself every time you do something wrong. Negativity is a choice, so on September 13 choose to be optimistic. It is also a great custom to do something nice for yourself or for someone you love. Giving also means happiness. Show gratitude for what you receive, for simple things that are in your life. If you have problem doing that, try to write down all the good things that happened to you. You may be surprised how many you can think of!

Did you know?

Smiling is contagious – and this is not a metaphor! It has been proved that there is a “sensorimotor simulation” in our brain that makes us return a smile without us even realizing it. We do that because our brain tries to understand how other people are feeling, and we may even start feeling the same way. This is why we should be surrounded by smiling people all the time!