Wife Appreciation Day 2024

Until Wife Appreciation Day are 120 days, ie 3 months and 28 days.

In 2024 Wife Appreciation Day is on September 15th (sunday).

Every year in different countries people celebrate various days aiming at appreciating important people in their lives – mothers, fathers, grandparents, important historical figures or even soldiers. For many people, however, the most important person in their life is one’s wife or husband – the love of life. For this reason, they also have their own holidays.

The third Sunday of September is commonly known as Wife Appreciation Day. It was created to help husbands commemorate and appreciate their wives and everything they do. And they do a lot – every wife knows how many duties she has got every day. Simple things like ironing husband’s shirts, sweeping up the mud he brought home on his shoes, or matching his socks, deserve to be appreciated and thanked for. Wives may often seem to have supernatural powers giving them energy to carry out household duties and still spend precious time with the family. However, all of this might sometimes make them feel exhausted. This is why they particularly need a simple ‘thank you for everything you do’. There are many ways to say that – especially on Wife Appreciation Day.

A happy wife is a happy life, so try to spend some time with her that day. Precious gifts are not necessary. A bouquet of flowers or a chocolate box can be a great way to say ‘I love you’. Most wives would probably truly enjoy a candle light dinner or a hot bath. It is also a good idea for the husband to help his wife in the kitchen or take her out for shopping. Of course, wives should be appreciated every day, but Wife Appreciation Day is a good reminder for all the forgetful husbands, and a good occasion to give your wife a day-off from her everyday duties. And if a husband appreciates his wife, she will surely remember to observe Husband Appreciation Day on the third Saturday of April.

Did you know?

The history of Wife Appreciation Day is not clear. Just like in the case of Husband Appreciation Day, nobody knows who and when started observing the holiday. All that we know is that for the first time the day was observed in 2006. Although it is referred to as a ‘National’ day, there are no presidential proclamations or other records for observing the day. It might have been implemented regarding the childless women that felt lonely on Mother’s Day. Nevertheless, whoever invented the holiday, all wives are grateful for it!