World Hearing Day 2025

Until World Hearing Day are 283 days, ie 9 months and 10 days.

In 2025 World Hearing Day is on March 3rd (monday).

The World Health Organization alerts that the number of people with hearing loss is increasing. It is estimated that today around 466 million people in the world are affected by the problem, while another 500 million people are affected by other disorders that have an impact on their life. To raise awareness of hearing impairments, ways to prevent deafness and hearing loss and global health promotion, the World Health Organization established March 3rd as the World Hearing Day.

As part of World Hearing Day, the World Health Organization conducts a range of educational activities for government representatives and civil society around the world, including the development and dissemination of educational materials in UN six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian and English), and provides a toolkit for planning of the event for any person or organization interested in celebrating World Hearing Day.

World Hearing Day is organized annually at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. In recent years, the World Hearing Day campaign has spread like a fire around the world. In 2019 it was organized in 80 countries around the world. To maintain this trend, the World Health Organization's agenda calls on all member states and other partner agencies to increase public awareness and political commitment and stimulate action on global hearing protection.

Did you know?

World Hearing Day is celebrated on 3 March each year since 2007 because the number 3.3 symbolizes the shape of two ears. Before 2016 it was known as International Ear Care Day.