World Manager's Day 2024

Until World Manager's Day are 58 days, ie 1 month and 27 days.

In 2024 World Manager's Day is on September 20th (friday).

Most employees dream of becoming a manager one day. Why? A manager is a person who needs to lead and develop a group of people, which may seem easy, but is not. This is why we should all appreciate our managers on the third Friday of September, which is called World Manager’s Day. The holiday is now being observed in many countries of the world, such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.

Your manager, regardless whether you like him or not, has a difficult job to do every day. Managers need to manage a group of people, larger or smaller, in a way that allows them to achieve the team’s goals. This means that they need to play both administrative and leadership role, be attentive and proactive. It is not easy, because a manager takes responsibility for the employees’ each action. It is his or her responsibility to help them develop, give directions and take care of good communication within the whole team.

Is your manager worth appreciating? Even though he or she might be demanding sometimes, you need to remember that a manager is also a person. Moreover, it is a person who is responsible for the effects of your work too. A number of skills are necessary to become a good manager – no matter if he only manages a few people in a small restaurant or a few teams in a big company. World Manager’s Day might be a good opportunity to get to know your manager better, as well as try to understand his duties and challenges he needs to deal with.

How can you and your team observe World Manager’s Day? While at work, it is a great idea to have a piece of cake and coffee together and just talk to your manager about some nice things, not necessarily connected with work. It is also a very kind gesture to give your manager a greeting card, flowers or some sweets. If you are a manager, maybe you could invite your co-workers for a small meeting after work. It is really necessary for all of the team members to get on well with each other – also with the manager.

Did you know?

If you also dream of becoming a manager, you need to face a lot of work. You need to develop management, communication, customer service and leadership skills, as well as be able to cope with new challenges, hire new employees and act as the middleman in many situations. Being a manager is a really hard work! It should be appreciated.