Father's Day in France 2024

Until Father's Day in France are 29 days.

In 2024 Father's Day in France is on June 16th (sunday).

Lighters for Father's Day. Fathers Day in France: nowadays and yesterday

The introduction of Father's Day in France is inspired by the feast in honor of fathers, celebrated much earlier in the United States. It is connected both to the liturgical calendar and the commercial event, which made history

Father's Day in the liturgical calendar

Father's Day has its place in the liturgical calendar since medieval times; the exact date being 1479. Since the patron saint of the fathers is St. Joseph, it was decided that the celebration should fall on the day dedicated to his veneration, i.e. March 19. In many European countries this holiday is still celebrated at that time. In France, this was only the case for a certain time. The current date of Father's Day celebrations is different due to a commercial initiative by French lighter manufacturer Marcel Quercia.

Father's Day commercial origin

The creation of Grandma's Day in France is associated with the promotion of coffee GrandMere. It was so successful that Grandma's Day is still celebrated today, under the official patronage of the brand that still exists today. A gray-haired old lady with glasses invites you not only to a chain of world-famous cafes, but also to the celebration of all grandmothers' holidays. A similar story is associated with the French version of Father's Day. Marcel Quercia, the manufacturer of Flamminarie lighters, wanted to get rid of the problem of seasonal sales of their products. To remedy the problem, he had the following slogan displayed in nearly a hundred tobacco shops:
"Nos papas nous l'ont dit, pour les fete des peres, ils desirent tous un Flaminaire", which reads: "Our fathers asked us to receive Flaminaire for the Fathers Day." As we can see, the promotional campaign was remembered and even went down in history.

A few words on the history of lighters

Marcel Quercia launched the first gas lighter. He was not an inventor, he was based on the idea of ​​the engineer Henri Pigenot. Earlier, in 1905, his father Janiver Quercia introduced innovative gasoline lighters to the market. After the famous action related to the introduction of the new date of Father's Day to the calendar (which happened in the 50s) related to the promotion of Flaminnaire products, lighters enjoy unflagging popularity among collectors. Now is the time of even more modern lighters. Marcel Quercia's plant was taken over by BIC.

Father's Day gifts

The gifts that children buy for their fathers as part of a day dedicated to them are most often practical and emphasize prestige. Personalized gifts are fashionable, such as, for example, photo books, pillows with your own imprint, personalized cutting boards and so on. In France, a country of sophisticated people, things that were once also fashionable are fashionable. And so, in the context of gifts, for example, engraver returns to favor. French fathers receive engraved knives, key rings and lighters from their kids. The French also like to take care of themselves. Children often receive various types of creams and lotions as gifts. Universal gifts are often offered that will last for years, such as watches, leather bags or briefcases. The French are gourmets, so among the frequently encountered gift ideas, expensive food and alcohol can not be missing. There are special applications, used by the French in order to send wishes. One example of it is the app, to which the user loads photos and then make out of them personalized postcards. There is also a possibility of filling in a postcard online and then sending to the post office through the application. The postcard is then printed and send through the real post office.There are also various ready-made wishes, which one can copy from the internet and send to the father. As for the littele children, pbviosuly they dont have much money and they give to ttheit fathers as the token of love presents made by themselves. Children make colourful cards, various interesting things out of salt dough. Popular gifts for the father are made out of paper. Little children oftentimes make paper ties and bow ties.

Other years

Day of the weekDateName of holiday
SundayJun 19th, 2022Father's Day in France 2022
SundayJun 18th, 2023Father's Day in France 2023
SundayJun 15th, 2025Father's Day in France 2025
SundayJun 21st, 2026Father's Day in France 2026
SundayJun 20th, 2027Father's Day in France 2027
SundayJun 18th, 2028Father's Day in France 2028
SundayJun 17th, 2029Father's Day in France 2029

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