Father's Day in UK 2024

Until Father's Day in UK are 25 days.

In 2024 Father's Day in UK is on June 16th (sunday).

In June all the card shops in the country do not let us forget that the Father's Day is coming. They offer cards for all kinds of dads. We can find "For the strongest (dad)", "For the smartest", "For the tallest", some have pictures of a dad riding a bicycle or motorbike, others drinking a beer or fixing a window. Impossibly there are hundreds of cards that say "For The World's Best Dad" where if that was to be true there would have to be only one such card ever made... There's cards that say "I love you", others disclose that "My dad has no idea how much he means to me". There are also more diplomatic options that do not reveal any feelings and if that's what we want we should look for a "Happy Father's Day" kind of greeting. Some only say "Dad", maybe for those who want to respect the tradition but don't feel like wishing anything to their father? Just a simple reminder that he's a dad. This holiday that has honouring fathers and fatherhood on purpose came from the United States where over a hundred years ago, in 1910, they decided that not only mothers deserve their own day of special respect. In the United Kingdom it is celebrated like Mother's Day, on Sunday, but in June. Not unlike the Mother's day it isn't bank holiday. In England, United States, Canada and Australia more than in other countries the popularity of special postcards is widespread creating its own kind of culture. Because of that it is necessary and expected of sons and daughters to purchase this symbolic boon and hand it over to their fathers. On top of that it is common to pay them a visit, give a present and have a dinner together in a pub. Just like SPAs offer special deals for Mother's Day, gyms, golf courses and go-kart tracks advertise their own proposals for the Father's Day's celebration.

Other years

Day of the weekDateName of holiday
SundayJun 19th, 2022Father's Day in UK 2022
SundayJun 18th, 2023Father's Day in UK 2023
SundayJun 15th, 2025Father's Day in UK 2025
SundayJun 21st, 2026Father's Day in UK 2026
SundayJun 20th, 2027Father's Day in UK 2027
SundayJun 18th, 2028Father's Day in UK 2028
SundayJun 17th, 2029Father's Day in UK 2029

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