Pentecost Monday in France 2024

Until Pentecost Monday in France are 2 days.

In 2024 Pentecost Monday in France is on May 20th (monday).

Pentecost Monday (Whit Monday) commemorates the vent from the Bible: receiving of the Holy Spirit by the disciples of Jesus.

Brief description of the Pentecost Day

The exact date of the Pentecost Sunday depends on the movable Easter. Pentecost falls fifty days after Easter. As for the biblical narrative, the occurences which forms the basis of the festival, are described in detail in Book of Acts, chapter 2. The day is marked with excessive church services.

Charity festival in France

In France, for several years another holiday was superimposed on Pentecostal Monday. It is Solidarity Day (Journée de Solidarité). This day is celebrated by working unpaid and all the income is donated to charity - helping the poor and the elderly. Usually, you work 7 hours on Solidarity Day. The origins of celebrations come from the perceived need to not only do charity but also commemorate the 15,000 victims of the heatwave, which happened in France in 2003. Although it is not a rule, many companies organize celebrations for this day. It all depends on the internal arrangements of the workplaces. The first celebration of Solidarity Day took place in France in 2004 and was designated for Green World Day. Since 2008, Solidarity Day has become a movable holiday that can be established on any day of the year.

Other years

Day of the weekDateName of holiday
MondayJun 6th, 2022Pentecost Monday in France 2022
MondayMay 29th, 2023Pentecost Monday in France 2023
MondayJun 9th, 2025Pentecost Monday in France 2025
MondayMay 25th, 2026Pentecost Monday in France 2026
MondayMay 17th, 2027Pentecost Monday in France 2027
MondayJun 5th, 2028Pentecost Monday in France 2028
MondayMay 21st, 2029Pentecost Monday in France 2029

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