International Beauty Day 2024

Until International Beauty Day are 108 days, ie 3 months and 16 days.

In 2024 International Beauty Day is on September 9th (monday).

“Beauty is only skin deep” as they say. It does not, however, change our desire for being beautiful. Beauty is important for all of us, not only women, even if we are not eager to admit that. Although we are not all born beautiful, it turns out that beauty can be the result of our actions and attention. This is what the International Beauty Day is trying to prove every year.

Since 1995 every September 9 has been observed as the World Beauty Day celebrating both outer and inner beauty. The day was started by the Russian section of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO), which is often described as the world standard for beauty and spa therapy.

Even though everyone can understand beauty in a different way, we all need to feel beautiful sometimes – both inside and outside. Beauty is, however, usually an effect of our everyday efforts, which is also strongly connected with the beauty industry as a whole. International Beauty Day observed every September 9 is a great occasion to think about what beauty means for each of us, but also to emphasize the importance of the beauty industry around the world. This is why every year special beauty contests are conducted in many countries on that day. The aim of International Beauty Day is to share individual definitions of beauty in different ways – through words, images or videos. Such a content with appropriate hashtags spreads quickly on September 9 in the social media. CIDESCO’s goal is also to create certified training centers and establish the highest beauty and spa therapy standards, to support all the beauty professionals around the globe.

How can you observe International Beauty Day? Pay more attention to your inner and outer beauty! Think of what it means to you and what you can change in everyday life to show it. Share your ideas in the social media. Give yourself a special spa treatment or make a home spa with your friends. And most of all – begin to believe that beauty starts inside of you, but it is also the effect of what you eat and how active you are every day.

Did you know?

CIDESCO is not only focused on those who take care of their beauty every day, but also those in need. This is why schools and members are encouraged to make special ‘one day only’ beauty treatment offers for nurses or carers.