World Book and Copyright Day 2025

Until World Book and Copyright Day are 303 days, ie 9 months and 29 days.

In 2025 World Book and Copyright Day is on April 23rd (wednesday).

As Ernest Hemingway had once said, ‘there is no friend as loyal as a book’. Even though books were for the past years being constantly superseded by technology, many people have convinced themselves of the accuracy of this statement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The power of books is undeniable – they stimulate our minds and imagination. This is why World Book and Copyright Day should be an important observance for everyone, from the youngest to the eldest.

World Book and Copyright Day is an international, annual event organized every April 23 since 1995 by UNESCO. The date, however, is not accidental – it is symbolic for world literature. April 23 was earlier recognized as “Dia del Llibre” (Day of the Book) in Catalonia, but it is also the anniversary of the death of one of the most recognizable authors – William Shakespeare, as well as some other prominent writers.

The idea of World Book Day is to promote reading, publishing and copyright. Every year from April 1st to 23rd, UNESCO is sharing quotes, poems and messages aiming at encouraging reading and symbolizing the power of books. This helps readers all around the world to create a community and express their love for reading.

How can you observe World Book and Copyright Day? The easiest way to do that is simply spend some time with a book! Grab a new one or open your favorite book one more time and emphasize the pleasure of reading by posting a picture with appropriate hashtags in the social media. It is good to remember that books have the ability to entertain and to teach, so it is a great idea to read together with your children. Copyrights, however, must not be forgotten – it is extremely important to read books from legal sources, which is a tribute to authors and publishers.

Did you know?

Each year, UNESCO and other international organizations select the World Book Capital for a one-year period, effective April 23. In 2021 the World Book Capital was Tbilisi in Georgia. Such cities designated as UNESCO World Book Capital perform a very important task – to promote books and reading by organizing various activities over the year of celebrations. The program is focused around a slogan connected with books, such as: ‘Ok. So your next book is...?’.