World Copywriter’s Day 2024

Until World Copywriter’s Day are 131 days, ie 4 months and 8 days.

In 2024 World Copywriter’s Day is on September 30th (monday).

We celebrate many special days like World Poetry Day or World Teacher’s Day. But there was no World Copywriter’s Day… until now. Polish student organization Coffeewriters UMK cooperating with and developed this idea in 2020. This creative occupation became popular not so long ago but now copywriting is an important part of developing brands. What do copywriters do?

The creative mind doesn’t only make art
Word is the most important thing in this occupation. Copywriting is art, but also a craft. Texts are made masterly and bring real benefits to companies. They advertise products, persuade customers, develop a positive brand image. They have particular functions due to the fact, that they are created with a view to the purpose.
Is that all? Writing texts? Of course not. It is also a lot of other tasks that require creativity. A good concept of an advertising campaign will not be created by itself, and friendly elves will not come up with a catchy slogan. Do you sometimes wonder, who names the brands? All of this is a copywriter’s job.
Their work surrounds us from all sides. An article about healthy eating that you recently read, a description of the new shoes you bought in the online store and the advertisement that warmed your heart – it's their work.

When the story begins
Although copywriting seems to be a modern branch, the story begins in the XIX century. John Emory Powers, born in 1837, was the first professional copywriter. This inventive freelancer used to create ads for brands. His clients valued his skills and professionalism.

Copywriting started to get more and more popular since the 1990s, when the Internet became widely available. People realized how much we can achieve using the web and that copywriter’s creative skills can help with it.

Coffee-work-coffee: why September 30th is the choice
A computer, a comfortable chair and… a coffee. That's a typical working day for every copywriter. So there is no surprise we celebrate World Copywriter's Day after Polish Coffee Day and before International Coffee Day.

Let's make this day an opportunity to get to know more about this creative occupation and toast all the copywriters with a mug of coffee.