Good Friday in France 2024

Good Friday in France was 50 days, ie 1 month and 19 days ago.

In 2024 Good Friday in France was on March 29th (friday).

Good Friday is a day in France on which processions and Stations of the Cross take place. Although most of the French are working this day, the Paris Stock Exchange is closed.

Good Friday: a day off from work, but not everywhere

Good Friday is a day dedicated to the celebration of the martyr's death of the Savior Jesus Christ. Tortured and killed by the Romans, he rose again after three days. The second event is celebrated on Good Sunday. Good Friday is not a day off. The exceptions are ta the departments of Moselle, Haut-Rhin and Mas-Rhin in Alsace and Lorraine. These lands once belonged to Germany and, unlike the rest of France, they have German customs regarding the celebrations. Interestingly, Good Friday is a day off not only in those municipalities of the region where there is a Protestant temple or one that is shared by different faiths. France is a secular country, therefore the celebration of some holidays related to the liturgical year are not holidays.

Good Friday in France: everyday life

The usual celebration of Good Friday involves not eating meat and not drinking alcohol. Some people also refrain from eating sweets. Masses are held in churches, during which the cross is adored. The bells are silent until Easter Sunday. Children are told the story that at that time the bells fly to Rome to the Pope to receive the blessing and fill themselves with sweets. On Easter Sunday, when they ring out loudly, adults know that it is happening to commemorate Christ's resurrection, while the attention of children most often focuses on sweets, which they can eat again without any problems.

Procession of the Sanch brotherhood in Catalonia

An unusual Good Friday procession takes place in Perpignan in the south of France. It is organized by the Sanch fraternity. The word "Sanch" in Catalan means "blood". The members of the fraternity wear long red or black robes tied with a rope. They wear the traditional "caraputxas" on their faces, which are long, pointed hats with holes for the eyes. They were used by the members of confraternities of penitents. The members of the brotherhood used to lead the condemned to death. One of the so-called regidors, supervisors of the fraternity, presides over the procession, leading it and ringing the bell. Regidor goes barefoot and carries the cross. During the time of the festival, the mass is said in French and Catalan. The custom is 600 years old and is strongly related to the region and the identity of the inhabitants. That's why Catalan symbols are displayed during the celebrations.

Procession in Burzet in Ardèche

The Way of the Cross in Burzet in the Ardèche takes place in an area that impresses with its picturesque scenery. The hilly four-kilometre road leads to the 300-meter high peak, which is symbolized by Golgotha ​​during the staging. The procession is distinguished not only by the picturesque landscape. It is customary for the inhabitants to take care of the Stations of the Cross. They also take part in it as actors. The roles they play are passed down from generation to generation, and in some cases, the acting traditions have roots in the Middle Ages.

An unusual procession in Roqueburne

The Way of the Cross has been staged in the city of Roqueburne in the southern Alps since the 14th century. It has the character of a folk theatre. Actors, playing biblical characters, deliver lines and role-play. Why is the procession unusual? First, it takes place at night. The procession starts at 21:00. Secondly, it is accompanied by the light of torches carried by actors, as well as... candles made of snail shells. Placed by the roads, filled with oil and lit, they are a kind of lamps that mark the direction of the procession. A less effective, but no less characteristic element of the celebration, element of the celebration is the custom of giving participants free pistou soup. It is a vegetable soup, the main ingredients of which are onions, tomatoes and beans. To receive it, you need to bring your plates and cutlery.

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